10 Most Famous Bridges In The World

The world’s most famous bridges may not be the longest bridges, tallest bridges or highest bridges, but they are the most recognizable bridges in the world by far. Here are the top 10 most famous bridges: 1. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, United States – This world-famous symbol of the West Coast of the United States and the most popular …

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Top 10 Red Light Area in India

When people say Prostitution is an illegal act in India, they are WRONG ! It is not illegal in India until you are involved in Kerb Crawl, persuading publicly, having proprietary of a bordello, pimping-related acts, running prostitution in a hotel/motel/lodge. IPC considers such acts as Crimes. There are numerous …

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Top 10 Horrible Facts About Iconic Holiday Movies

Holiday movies often serve as an emotional reminder of our past. Settling down with the familiarity of a favorite film can be as comforting and warming as a Christmas Turkey, or a glass of eggnog; indeed some holidays may even feel incomplete without them. The following ten iconic films are nostalgic for …

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10 Cases Of Animals Saving Humans From Certain Death

Nearly everyone can remember a beloved pet they had for one reason or another. Maybe it was a gift from a long-departed relative or an animal which was a comfort for them as a child. Whatever the origin, animals have been important parts of many people’s lives. Sometimes, that importance can’t be …

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