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10 Facts about the Day of the Dead

There are different ways and months when people pay respect to their loved ones, close relatives, and even friends who have already departed this mortal life. Aside from their birth and death dates, there is an appointed day across the globe when we remember them and memories shared, where most of them have been good… Read More »

10 Facts You Probably Do Not Know About Halloween

After Christmas, it is Halloween falling in late October, which is widely celebrated in America. It is a known fact that the festival commemorates the end of summer as well as the start of the winter. In the past, it was deemed that the spirits of the dead came back to spoil the crops and play pranks… Read More »

Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas – 2012

Halloween for the year 2012 is just about to bash! So, it is obvious for you to look for the trendiest Halloween costumes. The month of September is the best time to plan for the most whimsical holiday, and that checking out the latest trends of the costumes is just one of the vital tasks… Read More »