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Top 10 Most Malnourished Nations in the World

Month of October celebrates the World Food Day where it promotes an awareness to fight hunger and malnutrition. It is true that food is the primary need among the three human basic needs, but there are countries that have higher rate of malnourished people. This is a great indication that poverty is also a recurrent… Read More »

Top 10 Nominees for CNN Heroes of 2012

Every year, CNN is looking for ordinary people who have extraordinary qualities and attributes when it comes to serving their fellowmen and becoming involved in the shaping of lives that are being touched. When CNN Heroes started in 2008, it had the desire of recognizing the contributions of everyday people who are trying to change… Read More »

10 Celebrities Who Dropped Out of High School

Almost everyone has heard the story about the lucky few who dropped out of college and made it big. Bill Gates and Steven Jobs are perfect examples of this. But what about those people who drop out of high school? Are they still able to enjoy a life of luxuriousness and fame? Below, we are… Read More »

Top 10 Look-Alikes of Kate Middleton

Who would have thought that there are some people who are enjoying respect, and fame just because they have a strong resemblance and features of other famous celebrities. In fact, it’s indeed common that you would have someone that has almost same replication as you although there is no really blood relation at all. Hence,… Read More »

10 Things You Might Not Know About Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift. Her name alone lugs a parcel of images. At 22, Taylor Swift is already a phenomenal success in the music industry. She is a multi-talented young singer, musician, artist, song writer, actress and record producer rolled up in one divine physique. She’s not just another name posted inbillboards then gone at the next moment. She… Read More »